Friday, January 31, 2014


After today's class I realized that perspective changes the way I see myself. What I learned is that although I am not camera shy sometimes I can feel self conscious about the way a picture may turn out, because when you are the person in front of the camera lens you may not know how the picture may turn out. A picture tells a story, but not everyone may be reading the same story, because there are no words in front of them to read the story clearly.
I chose this photo, because it resembles how I enjoy being outgoing. In this picture I am sitting down, but I am still moving. Most of the time weather I am sitting or standing I am always moving my body, because I have ADHD. I don't take the so called "medicine" that my doctors want me to take. This photo shows that although I am outgoing sometimes I just cant help it. Notice I have a crooked smile on my face which means sometimes I'm smiling when I don't want too. I also have my eyes covered by my hat, because sometimes I want to hide from the world, but sometimes my hat can stand out more than my eyes do when I'm trying to get away from the world.

I also chose this photo for a couple reasons. The first was, because I have never seen the back of my head and I had no idea what it looked like. A final reason is, because of my hair; not many people have the same hair type as me at this school, so sometimes I am easily distinguishable even when I try to remain a low profile I am still noticed when I don't want to be.

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  1. The way you structured this blog with the intro paragraph, photos and writing between the photos, really leveraged the genre of "blog." Very eye catching and easy to follow your thinking! My interest was captured by your descriptions of each photo. For instance, in photo one, you say, "it resembles how I enjoy being outgoing, but not always being the center of attention." I wanted to know what about this picture (what specific details) provided this specific meaning to you (e.g. what about your clothing/hat, body posture, facial expression, etc. gives an impression of being outgoing but not in the center of attention?). For both photos, more details would help the reader follow your thinking.