Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Boy Troy

Started out as strangers
Now we family
Getting into danger
What a calamity
But we're safe now
In this place now
Times may get tough
But look at the smile on your face now
You hit it with the racket
I hit it with the ratchet
I see you on the court hit them balls and you smash it
You see me on the mat taking shots and head tappin
I've never had a brother
And I never will
You're more like a cousin
That I wouldn't let get killed

Friday, February 7, 2014

Trill Life

Walk around so colorful

People think I'm so loveable

Dap me up Jimmy I'm a human I ain't untouchable

The stairwell is the place that keeps me calm

It helps get me away from everything that's going on

Chillin and Trillin, stop the virus with penicillin

They calling me a hero but it's hard when you're the villain

Whole building looks like a penitentiary

Ha a nightmare that, I won't leave for a century

But that don't matter it was just a bad dream

I will live the sweet life way after 2017

Friday, January 31, 2014


After today's class I realized that perspective changes the way I see myself. What I learned is that although I am not camera shy sometimes I can feel self conscious about the way a picture may turn out, because when you are the person in front of the camera lens you may not know how the picture may turn out. A picture tells a story, but not everyone may be reading the same story, because there are no words in front of them to read the story clearly.
I chose this photo, because it resembles how I enjoy being outgoing. In this picture I am sitting down, but I am still moving. Most of the time weather I am sitting or standing I am always moving my body, because I have ADHD. I don't take the so called "medicine" that my doctors want me to take. This photo shows that although I am outgoing sometimes I just cant help it. Notice I have a crooked smile on my face which means sometimes I'm smiling when I don't want too. I also have my eyes covered by my hat, because sometimes I want to hide from the world, but sometimes my hat can stand out more than my eyes do when I'm trying to get away from the world.

I also chose this photo for a couple reasons. The first was, because I have never seen the back of my head and I had no idea what it looked like. A final reason is, because of my hair; not many people have the same hair type as me at this school, so sometimes I am easily distinguishable even when I try to remain a low profile I am still noticed when I don't want to be.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When a ruler is in power there is a lot of hard work that gets put in to keep that person in power. In Manet Eduardo's painting Olympia the artist exemplifies how this happens. As the women on the bed is casually relaxing; the other women in the background who looks as if she is a servant providing the woman in power with luxuries. I noticed that the woman on the bed's face is laid back looking as if she doesn't have a care in the world, while the servants face looks disgusted at the woman in powers actions. It shows that even if you have control of what is going on the others around you may not like your actions. A final note I noticed about the painting was the black cat, which is a representation of bad luck and chaos. The cat also has a sort of  deranged look on its face representing that chaos is by her side since the cat is the powerful woman's pet. In conclusion when someone is at the top of the pyramid much hard work must be put in from the bottom for one to stay at the top.-SoCo

Monday, January 27, 2014

Assignment One

I use twitter, instagram, and facebook to post photos on the internet.