Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Boy Troy

Started out as strangers
Now we family
Getting into danger
What a calamity
But we're safe now
In this place now
Times may get tough
But look at the smile on your face now
You hit it with the racket
I hit it with the ratchet
I see you on the court hit them balls and you smash it
You see me on the mat taking shots and head tappin
I've never had a brother
And I never will
You're more like a cousin
That I wouldn't let get killed

Friday, February 7, 2014

Trill Life

Walk around so colorful

People think I'm so loveable

Dap me up Jimmy I'm a human I ain't untouchable

The stairwell is the place that keeps me calm

It helps get me away from everything that's going on

Chillin and Trillin, stop the virus with penicillin

They calling me a hero but it's hard when you're the villain

Whole building looks like a penitentiary

Ha a nightmare that, I won't leave for a century

But that don't matter it was just a bad dream

I will live the sweet life way after 2017